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Men’s Underwear Fabric Types for Every Man

writer:admin 2017-11-07

Today, there’s an astonishing array of men’s underwear fabric types, combinations and blends; underwear is definitely not just made out of cotton anymore. Now, more than ever, you get more choice in what you wear and when you wear it. Men’s underwear fabric types are literally so varied that you could wear a different fabric or fabric blend each day of the year.
The Underwear Expert’s comprehensive men’s underwear fabric types glossary breaks down these options and details the fabrics you’ll find in today’s men’s underwear in clear, concise and easy to read terms. There’s a fabric for every guy out there. Men’s underwear fabric types include:

  • Luxury fabric blends.
  • Athletic and performance fabric combinations.
  • Quick-dry fabric
  • Every day and special occasion fabrics.
  • Easy-to-care-for fabrics.
  • Hypoallergenic fabrics.
  • All-natural fabric blends.
  • …and everything in between.

Now, with The Underwear Expert’s fabric glossary, you can find the fabric that’s right for you, so that you can make the most of your underwear.
Men’s underwear fabric types are currently driving the technical evolution of men’s underwear, too. Innovative enhancements are increasingly added to men’s underwear fabric types; they include:

  • Anti-microbial.
  • Wicking.
  • Fast-drying.
  • Anti-cling.
  • Anti-sag.
  • …and more.

These are just a few of the many innovations being incorporated into men’s underwear fabric types. Amazingly, the vast offerings of men’s underwear fabric types are even more varied than men’s underwear styles, which are now more varied than ever. Trust us: the more you know about fabrics, the better you’ll feel and the better you feel, the better your underwear looks.


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